Executive Protection Specialists

We understand that there are a considerable number of clients who justifiable perceive that having protection officers could make them feel uncomfortable, and be somewhat intimidating to their clients, fans or friends. In fact, many have experienced that. Although sometimes a very visible image is required as it can be part of the proactive approach necessary for certain assignments and situations.

I pride myself in the ability to provide covert protection and being Chameleon like by fitting into any environment without standing out, ready to intervene instantly should the need arise, this is one of my forte, whether you are relaxing on your yacht playing golf, having a business lunch or at a fundraiser, maybe just partying with friends, I am there without appearing to be.

I will listen to your concerns and requirements and the parameters of the assignments. We will then do our own assessment of the various potential threats and will come up with an individual plan that facilitates the protection needs you require. This sometimes may conflict with what you want, but your safety is our business and we will advise accordingly. Leaving you with the decision whether I am capable of providing you with the best possible protection while fitting into your organization.

Diplomacy, Privacy and Discretion are qualities our clients should expect and we realize the importance of giving them, along with being culturally sensitive. Our team members all strive to fulfill these requirements, period. And all take pride in their conditioning and all qualify each year above 98% proficiency in their annual armed re-qualifying certifications plus continued education in our industry, keeping astride of all new potential threats, trends and crime statistics.

Considerations when hiring a protection specialist.

Being Proactive is where itís at, preventing and stopping something before it happens. Advanced, Present and Future planning is essential. Then if something does happen trained Bodyguards will cover their principles with their bodies and remove them from the threat, and carry out there exit plan while others will cause the threat to cease.

You also have to take into account the type of assignment you need your bodyguard for, as different qualities will be required for different detail and is why a team put together by protection specialist is important.

For example, an entertainer or sports personality would probably require Bodyguards who are fairly large as crowd control would be something they would have to deal with and be able to push their way through while protecting there client.

Businessmen and women in general often want a covert type who fits in with their surroundings, articulates well and do not attract attention but are right there, should they be needed.

VIPís who attract a lot of attention often require a visible force to deter people with criminal or malicious intent on their minds. A somewhat intimidating force may be required in these instants.

You may require covert officers in curial areas in and around critical location and where client will gain entry and exit.

Look alikes may be used to miss-direct etc. etc., there really isnít a general rule, the point is every assignment is different and requires advanced present and future planning with a well rounded team who have experience in many areas. A control post is often set up to facilitate many aspects of the detail including surveillance & investigation, access to screen individuals, route planning, forward communications, fulfilling clients needs and requests, checking the weather and traffic situations etc.

Being well informed is key as in any industry, examples would be to know all about your principles needs, from their clothes size and preference, any medication and medical condition, what doctor to contact in an emergency, where are all the medical centers and specialists located in your theater of operation. Have the numbers and know all the routes, being able to think like the people who may be the threat will help make you a hard target. Information on all known locations your principal will be at. On site resources, Police, Security, Internet, phones and computers. What law enforcement Agency have jurisdictions, who to contact there and so on. Traffic situations, weather forecasts, transportation, customs, fresh dinking water, the list is endless. ADVANCED PRESENT AND FUTURE PLANNING, this will give you some basic guidelines of what to expect from professionals. Hire a protection company thatís licensed and that you have confidence will protect you.

Max Solon
President Bodyguard Agency Inc, & MAX PI INC.

A Bodyguard must have a minimum of a (C. or CC. License) combined with a (G. License) and work for an (A. Licensed Investigation Agency) and they must have an ID card for that Agency. They should also be certified in various skills as a Bodyguard.