In order to be a member of the team we require that not only must that person bring a very high level of related experience and skills with them they must also have exhibited to existing members on other assignments that they conduct themselves very Professionally are diplomatic and show discretion and work well as a team. This allows us to provide you with what we feel are the very best hand picked operatives in the industry. Who will give you the confidence and professionalism that you're looking for.

Team Leader: Max Solon
Ht 510 weight 190lbs.
U.S. Passport & U.K. Passport.

Investigator Agency License A 2300063
Private Investigator License C 2200928
Statewide Firearm License G 2202457
Security officer License D 2207169
Concealed Weapon License W 9647189
CDL/B driving License S450-541-63-176-0
PVDL License 383787
British driving License

Certificates In:
Principals of Protection and Detail Operations
Chauffeur and Defensive Driving
Defensive Edged Weapons Program
Advanced Firearm AF1 Street Ready
Advanced Firearm AF2Tactical Engagement
Certified with 9mm
Certified with 45Cal
Familiar with M4/AR15

Community Policing
Intelligence Through Graphology
Handcuffing and Legal Aspects Program
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
Basic Motor Controls
Technical Environmental Health & Safety
First Aid

Max Solon, founder of Bodyguard Agency Inc, & MAX P.I., INC. was recruited into the Bodyguard industry in London, England; at that time he would box out of various London gyms, had a very polite well spoken demeanor, good physical abilities and was very diplomatic. These were the initial qualities that allowed him to be hired by a member of a large oil corporation. His assignment was to act as a Chauffeur/Bodyguard for the CEO family members, directors and various Greek politicians and clients.

Over the years the industry has correctly become very license orientated. Max gained many necessary licenses and certifications prerequisite to working in the protection industry, from defensive driving skills to edged weapon combat and proficiency with firearms to name a few. And, of course, First Aid & CPR. His qualifications also include the investigation skills and licenses often required to operate assignments correctly, whether background checks, location details or running an ever-changing itinerary at the control post.

Protective services require very diplomatic and discreet individuals who possess the capacity to remain calm during a crisis. They must not only be professionally qualified, able to exercise common sense and have the ability to problem-solve fast, but also have the demeanor to carry out the tasks at hand, whether high or low risk, in a considerate manner. Operatives should also be able to provide written reports and other documentation when necessary.

We have the privilege of working with some of the world's leading businessmen and women and have protected Royal Family members and a number of Politicians, Sports Personalities and Entertainers. In addition, we have also handled long-term contracts for Government Agencies.
We have dealt with hundreds of volatile situations with minimal liability to our clients.

Max Solon's definition of a proficient Bodyguard/E.P. Officer is one who protects their client from vulnerable situations, whether arising from the media, the public or other agencies or, sometimes, from themselves. A good Bodyguard/E.P. Officer will protect a client from threat and personal embarrassment with a level of discretion and honesty which can be absolutely trusted.

Our ability to provide a level of protection tailored to your needs would be hard to match. We will gain your confidence and maintain the highest level of protection possible within the parameters we have to work with and will respect your privacy by maintaining a low profile when and where possible.

We would be an asset and ambassador for your organization while helping to reduce your daily stress and workload.